Riai Aikido

Master Morehei Ueshiba

Aikido (pronounced eye-key-do) is a Japanese Martial Art developed by Master Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969). Suitable for all ages, builds and physical abilities, the benefits that can be gained from the practice of Aikido are numerous. The fluid movements practised in Aikido help to maintain and improve flexibility, balance and coordination. As Aikido has been developed from the ancient fighting arts it can be used effectively for self defence.

The Riai Aikido Association, founded in Auckland in 1977, has schools located in Auckland, Wellington and Australia. They offer a friendly and encouraging environment in which to pursue the art of Aikido, placing extra emphasis on the flowing and graceful aspects of the art.

Aikido Throw

Training in Aikido normally involves two or more students working together. One acts as defender (Nage), the other(s) as attacker (Uke). There is no competition in Aikido, the 'attacker' simply provides a suitable attacking movement with which the 'defender' can practice the techniques. Winning the fight or beating the opponent is not the objective, rather Aikido seeks to blend with the movement and energy of the attack. This practice improves our harmony both physically and spiritually and teaches us how to divert agression in a positive way.

Riai Aikido is affiliated to the California Aikido Association who are affiliated with Hombu Dojo, World Aikido Headquarters in Tokyo Japan. The Head of Riai Aikido is Sensei Henry Lynch 5th Dan who has had 40 years experience in the Art and his teacher is Shihan Robert Nadeau (7th Dan), who was himself a student of the founder of Aikido Morehei Ueshiba. Henry Lynch Sensei teaches at the Riai Aikido Learning Centre (Auckland), where he is the chief instructor.

Watch video of Henry Lynch demonstrating free flowing aikido during the 2013 high grade retreat at the Learning Centre

NZ Annual Friendship Camps

The annual Riai Aikido Friendship Camp is a well established Aikido tradition that attracts many enthusiastic Aikidoka from many different styles and parts of the country and overseas. The friendship camp usually runs over a weekend and is open to all. The camp provides a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where people can come together to share and expand their Aikido. In 2013 we celebrated the 32nd annual Riai Aikido Friendship Camp. For details of future camps keep an eye on our events page.

Riai Aikido Friendship Camp Wellington 2006

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